Author: Frank D. Futurist

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Want to learn about blockchain investing?

If you want to learn about investing with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, then keep reading…Blockchain Basics is a non-technical introduction to investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.This book will teach you the basics of blockchain technology and how it can be applied to finance. It also covers ICOs, smart contracts, cryptography & AI.You'll even get an overview of future technologies like how

blockchain combined with AI computing could have a huge impact on cryptocurrency, & the future of finance!

It’s a great way to get started without having any prior knowledge on the topic!The book includes an overview of what these

new technologies

are all about as well as


on how they work together and why it's important for people from every walk of life to understand them now more than ever before.

In This

Blockchain Basics

Book You Will Learn


5 Key Strategic Methods for Crypto Investing and Trading (that will make it a lot easier to get the results you desire)11 Key Methods for Creating a Winning PortfolioMost Common Ethereum Questions and Answers The Future of CryptocurrencyTop 10 AI & Blockchain Advancements

It also contains a glossary so readers can easily look up definitions when they come across words they don't know while reading through the text.And finally there is a list of resources at the end where readers can find out more information.If you're looking for more information about

this new world of money and finance

- then

this book is for you!

We've made it easy with

NO technical jargon or complicated math formula’s

so anyone can understand what's going on.Get your copy today!

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