Author: E.M. Lindsey

Category: Popular Fiction

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When a car accident changed the trajectory of his life at fifteen, Sam Braga set out to find his own way in the world. It never occurred to him he’d find home in Fairfield, Colorado, working with a childhood friend at a tattoo shop, and the legal guardian of a gorgeous little girl who was abandoned by her mother at birth. Sam has his life organized exactly the way he needs it. Maisy, work, and his found-family. There isn’t room for anything else. Especially when DCS gets involved and tells him that his disability might interfere with his petition to finally adopt the little girl he’s been raising. Sam might be lonely, but he just doesn’t have room for love.But things aren’t always that simple.  When he meets Niko Pagonis who craves connection and a sense of belonging.  A misguided offer of friends with benefits turns into something else, and both Sam and Niko know they’re flirting with disaster. Still, neither one of them can seem to stay away from the other. Will they find their way through the mess before someone gets hurt? Or will it all come crashing to the ground.Blank Canvas is the second book in the Irons and Works series. Each book contains no cheating and HEA.