Blackstone Ranger Chief by Alicia Montgomery

Author: Alicia Montgomery

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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A bride walks into a bar

No, it wasn’t the start of a bad joke

And the woman in the wedding dress wasn’t just anyone

She was his mate.

Mine, his bear roared.

But he can’t let his broken beast have her.

Not if he wants her to live.

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A bride walks into a bar …

No, it wasn’t the start of a bad joke. Damon isn’t sure what’s going on, but the moment the mysterious woman in the wedding dress saunters into the local watering hole, his bear immediately knows: she’s his mate, the one fate intended for him. But a troubled past has left scars on his heart and soul, and claiming the runaway bride could only end tragically for both of them. He does his best to stay clear of her, but he can only control his animal--and his desire for her--for so long.

A bear walks into her life …

After jilting her groom at the altar, human Anna Victoria is starting fresh in the shifter town of Blackstone, Colorado. While she already feels at home, not everyone is welcoming. Chief of the Blackstone Rangers Damon Cooper obviously doesn’t want her around, not after she made a fool of herself that first night they met. But then, why did he agree to hire her as his secretary if he can’t stand her? She knows that if she wants to keep this new life, she’s going to have to play nice with the boss--and ignore the crush she seems to be developing on Damon, despite his rough and gruff exterior.

They clash at every turn--and soon are unable to resist the sizzling attraction brewing between them. However, her runaway bride act wasn’t a mere case of cold feet--she’s been hiding a sinister secret all this time. Will she be able to keep the truth from coming out, or will she have to make another escape before her past catches up with her?

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