Author: Camilla Blake

Category: Romance Books

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Cooper is shocked when Sonnie walks into the firm. He recognizes her face from the back of his daughter’s favorite books. They install a security system for her, and he thinks he won’t see her again. An emergency call comes in one night and he rushes over to her house to find her roughed up and terrified. Thrust together, it’s hard for them both to ignore the attraction that grows between them with each passing moment. Things only intensify, and then a body is found in town that threatens to bring down the firm. Will Cooper help keep Sonnie’s head above water or will they all sink together?

Elizabeth Shore made the simple mistake of going back to work late one night. Instead of getting her work done, though, she caught her boss spread-eagle on the conference-room table with a stunning man between her legs. Freaked out, she fled the scene before being spotted. No one seemed any the wiser about what she’d seen, and things went back to normal. Until she saw the man’s face in the newspaper a few days later. Dead.
Branson has his hands full. He’s working on a case for a local celebrity and trying to figure things out with another brother from SEAL Team Two. The last thing he needs is the seemingly ball-buster woman Elizabeth on his back. There’s something about her that gets under his skin—and it’s not just the way her eyes trail over his damaged skin with interest instead of horror or pity.

Local internet celebrity Charlie Crier has had a stalker for so long that it’s almost normal at this point. Her manager brought in security part-time when it first started, but Charlie hates it. She needs time to herself. It’s hard to work with people around. Not to mention, she has an act to keep up. Charlotte Crier-Banks is freaking Martha Stuart, if Martha Stuart lived in Arkansas and hated her life. With a forced and fake family, and a set instead of a home, she’s close to her breaking point.
Tucker Fields is about as classy as a Budweiser at a dirt-track race. Raised in the swamps, he’s more animal than man some days. Sure, he’s refined his act some, but he still eats over the kitchen sink and doesn’t put the toilet seat down. He’s not big on prissy ladies, either. He knows women like Charlotte are too much work. But with Branson working another case and the guys all tied up worrying about Mercer, when Charlie’s stalker gets too close for comfort and her manager decides to play it up, Tucker has no choice but to become her full-time guard.

Vince Hart is no stranger to killing men. There’s something dark in him that feeds on it. He’s bored with civilian life and lives life a little like an adventure junkie. Hookups, taking chances, adventure trips—anything to quiet the ghosts. He doesn’t think he could ever settle down, but watching all of his brothers do it makes him feel a little envious. He figures he’ll just live until he dies and be better for it. He’ll never have to lose anyone like Luke again. He’s broken from it.

Mercer Dunn has spent time in prison before. One much worse than whatever they could offer in their sleepy little town. He still won’t go back, though. On the run and away from all the family he’s ever known, he ends up at the little hunting spot that Luke kept hidden away while he was alive. With his skills, he could easily hide and live out the rest of his life there. He’d have everything he needed but the one thing he seemed weak to. Lauren. She was all wrong for him. She was his best friend’s baby sister. They’d rescued her from bad places more than once. He’d seen her at her worst when she was still a baby, practically, and she’d seen him when he was worse than worst. She’d done things for him that made it hard for him to look her in the eye. As if that wasn’t enough, Luke had demanded they all stay away from her. How could he slap his dead best friend in the face that way?