Author: Becci Murray

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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When ten-year-old Billy Radcliffe digs up a recipe for Brain Booster Juice in a corner of the school field, he boosts his brain to the size of Venus and turns into a mastermind overnight. But being a super-genius is not quite so super as he thinks. Featuring some fantastically gruesome characters, Billy’s Brain Booster Juice is the exciting debut novel from children's author Becci Murray. A Readers' Favorite Five Star Book Billy's Brain Booster Juice was reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite and was awarded five stars in every category. Here's what K.C. Finn had to say about the book: Billy's Brain Booster Juice is a work of fiction in the children’s adventure story sub-genre and was penned by author Becci Murray. The story focuses on ten-year-old Billy who, while exploring his own school playground, comes across a magical recipe that boosts his brainpower. Although he might have imagined that being a super-genius would be an incredible boon to his social and school life, having a brain the size of Venus isn't all it's cracked up to be. Dealing with some topical issues of schoolyard social dynamics and bullying, this is a delightful tale with plenty of funny moments and important lessons to learn. Author Becci Murray has crafted an enchanting chapter book for independent readers aged 8 to 12 years old, one in which there is never a dull moment and the end of each section delivers much promise and excitement for the next. I felt that the use of vocabulary was not only appropriate to the age range but intelligently placed within the context to aid the learning of readers who are embarking on chapter books for the first time. The character development within the work is larger than life, producing many memorable figures that are, in part, recognisable from a child's real school life, but also highly exaggerated for comedic and adventurous enjoyment in the story. Overall, I would highly recommend Billy's Brain Booster Juice as an all-round excellent work for young readers: charmingly written and both entertaining and educational. WHAT READERS SAY ABOUT THIS BOOK "A wonderful, insightful, poignant, funny, uplifting and easy read. By ‘easy’, I mean the words jump effortlessly off the page, trickle into your subconscious and make the pages turn one after the other. I would strongly recommend." - HJ Woodward "A breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed reading this with my nephew. It’s hard to find books that appeal to boys and girls as so many seem to include fairies, unicorns and ballet dancers or football." - Rosemary Hart" What a great book to get kids reading! Fast paced and laugh out loud funny. We look forward to the next one." - Mrs Debbie Dry "A rip-roaring tale! It was exciting to read and full of interesting twists and turns. Billy is a likeable character who is kind to his fellow pupils, although he suffers bullying and mockery, with his only friends being the worms in the garden. As he discovers his amazing brain booster juice the story races on with many lively and vivid characters entering the fray." - Choco Cat "A very funny, clever, well-crafted book. It was a delightful philosophical journey full of honesty, morality and truth. It really made me laugh out loud, and at times its poignancy was profoundly moving." - Diane Cantrell "A laugh-out-loud story, even for adults. My 8 year old daughter loved this book. It's her new favourite. She couldn't stop laughing!" - Rob Edmondson