Author: Mala Subramaniam

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A compelling guide to success in negotiations using Eastern wisdom for Western business. It steers you away from immediate gains and shows you how to achieve business results and relationships that last. Do you feel the pain of dealing with the same customers, vendors, employees, and bosses every day to get your job done? If so, you may not be aware that your career depends on how well you negotiate in these situations. If this thought stresses you out, it’s because you are programmed to think that each negotiation ends when one side wins. This view is flat-out wrong. Experience the new mindset for success in Beyond Wins. Mala Subramaniam, who negotiated for twenty years in global companies to achieve transformational projects, and taught negotiations for ten years, reveals: The Chakra of Negotiation Principles, a wheel with eight principles for success The Communications Signal, a method forunderstanding business problemsThe seven behaviors that will set you up for successThe cultural differences that derail your negotiations