Author: Liz McCraine

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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When a group of magic-wielding barbarians kills her father, courageous Kiera Samsen will do anything to make sure the savages are destroyed for good—even if it means crossing a desert to find their origin.

Alek Cartwright has money, fame, and the respect of the finest leaders on the continent. But none of that matters when his best friend is murdered alongside Kiera’s father. When he learns of the girl's plan, he insists on joining her. Maybe together they can solve the mystery of where the savages come from and stop further needless deaths.

She’s a pant-wearing farm girl with more impulse than caution. He’s a reserved young nobleman used to getting his way. In the face of danger, they must put aside their differences and learn to work together. Only then can they survive a perilous adventure that takes them beyond the desert sands to a world drenched in oppression…and magic.