Author: Frank Kennedy

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Lose everything. Save everyone.

Kara Syung leads a life of privilege on the ringed world Hokkaido until her brother whispers his final warning: “They’re going to burn it all. Be a soldier.”

His death sets Kara on a mission for justice and the truth. Yet powerful forces stand in her way - starting with her family and others who control the planet’s food supply. She has few weapons: A lifelong best friend, a murderous immortal on a crusade of his own, a rogue from an old galactic empire, and a snub-nose laser pistol. Moreover, time and conscience works against her.

In this sprawling, interstellar saga about family, greed, obsession, and revelation, lives will be shattered, complex mysteries will be unraveled, and horrifying enemies will emerge from distant stars.

Begin the journey with this first of three trilogies to seek that which is Beyond the Impossible.

What Amazon readers say about Books 1-3 of Beyond the Impossible:

The Simmering Seas:

????? “This book twists your mind in ways you never imagined. It's a slow burn, but it ends spectacularly. There's mystery, intrigue, trust that becomes distrust, enemies who are friends, and family you think you know (but you really have no clue). And through it all, Kara is trying to understand who the bad guys are and why. A most excellent read!” - Maureen H.

The Splinter Alliance:

????? “A jump forward into another aspect of multiverse spanning conflict that constantly keeps you guessing. Dangerous and action packed puzzle that just keeps building. Kennedy has chosen a very unique POV to write this book from that adds to the slight disorientation and anticipation of what is coming. I was expecting a big reveal and twist at the end - but nothing like what actually happened. Well worth the ride and a second read through too because there is just so much in the details that only starts to become clear later on.” - Marjorie

The Midnight Shower:

????? “This book explains so much! This author writes in a way that almost places you into the story and some of those places you never want to be in. I am thinking of a nasty pond of torture one of our characters had to endure; sorry no more until you read it! My star rating tells what I really think about the book. You must read this whole series!” - Dinky Deb