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Discover a unique self healing technique with the Power of Words that could be applied to any aspect of life with zero experience. And it works faster than reading this sentence!!!
P.S. It is not prayer, meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, switch words, visualization, or energy healing.

Rooted in the ancient yogic systems and refined with knowledge of human behavior, Beyond Placebo offers a powerful healing system with simple words. A tool that has the power to create and shift your reality as you read through.

With the 60+ healing sessions in this book, you will discover how to:

? Access the Power of Words

? Heal your Body-Mind-Spirit

? Transform your Mental and Emotional well-being

? Release effects of Childhood Trauma

? Erase scars of Narcissistic abuse

? Break the curse of Inherited Generational trauma

? Harmonize your Relationship with Self and Others

? Unlock your path of Inner Transformation

? Experience the State of Self Realization

? Realize your Innate Healing Ability

? Create your Healing Modalities

? Master the ability to rewrite your Reality