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Gift a print copy to a friend and make her and us happy.With Free Guided Audio Meditation for DownloadWTF, Shut Up Mind, I Want to Sleep.Are you stuck in an endless loop of the same negative thoughts and emotions?If any of the following questions apply to you, you are at the right place for your solutionYour mind is running at full speed, and you can get no sleep?Are you constantly worried for apparently no reason?You were happy, and all of a sudden you feel angry for no reason and snap at your loved ones?Is your mind doing its chitchat all day long and commanding your life? Welcome to the club. You are not alone. Thanks to our modern society, that got even worse. Too many people are stuck in their mind and are often dominated by negative thoughts and emotions. Am I good enough? Why is this guy at work so mean? Why did he do that? How can I get more money? I hate everything. And when you think the disturbing thoughts and emotions are gone, they will come back to you in the most unpleasant situations, like happily playing with your kids.Fortunately, you can change that. We can train our mind to stop those thoughts and regain control of our life. In the book, we will step you through the process of regaining control of your thoughts and emotions. You will learn:why our mind behaves like that and what is going you can use your body to change your mindhow your environment can help you in silencing your mindwhy drinking tea helpshow Mindfulness will guide you to freedomhow proven meditation techniques will assist you in your journey Don't stay paralyzed in what feels like your personal hell; join us and learn how to get your freedom.Do Not Hesitate, Buy the Book and Start NowThis book is part of the How To Relax Guide Series; a series helping you to find relaxation and a happier life. With each book in the series, we cover one topic and teach you how to learn the methods in a highly actionable manner while leaving the fillers out.