Author: Thomas Henderson

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Do you think that a cool startup is expensive, difficult, and unattainable because of your personal circumstances? If you are reading these lines, then these teens’ business ideas are for you—because the reality is quite the opposite. It’s actually very feasible, as you’ll discover in this book.

Do you only have a small starting capital of $100? Your energy, creativity, and determination will extend it much further than you think. This ready-made list of business ideas, taking into account limited investment, will show you how.

Maybe you think that you don’t have the skills or you doubt your ability to create your own business. In fact, you simply don’t realize how many opportunities there are out there waiting for you. You can become financially independent from your parents and a rich person in the future.

The 111 teenagers’ business ideas presented here are your chance to not only earn your own money in the form of a teenage adventure, but are a very real springboard for creating large personal projects. All this with just an initial $100 in your pocket!

The fact is that the secret to starting a successful business is a combination of capital, labor, and creativity. And you surely have a lot of the second and third. The information presented here will help fill in the flaw of the first.