Author: C.P. Mandara

Category: Romance Books

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Five years ago I told a lie that would land Brandt Browning - local hero and heir to the Mentley Mill fortune - in prison for a crime he didn't commit.I ruined his life with three small words. "He did it." I didn't even have to be there to testify in court. It was too easy.But that was five years ago. And now Brandt has been released.He's coming for me.This time I'm not waiting around. I'm going to run so far away that no one will ever find me. The trouble is, you can't hide from money. Eventually Brandt will catch up with me, and when he does, he'll want payment in blood.I'm not strong enough to resist the pull between us. If that man gets his hands on me he'll realise I'm still half in love with him - and that can only end in disaster.