Author: Daniel Wrinn

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“A gripping account of one of the most important battles in the Pacific war.” – Reviewer

The invasion of Saipan kicked open the doors to Tokyo.

In June 1944, American forces had their sights focused on the Marianas islands. Located about 1,500 miles from Japan's major cities, these islands would be used as bases for the new Boeing B-29 heavy bomber which could strike Japan's most important cities.

The first island to be invaded was Saipan. Enemy resistance was heavy, as Marines from the 2nd and 4th divisions encountered bunkers, pillboxes, and other fortifications. The invasion started a month-long odyssey that would result in thousands of American casualties as well as the almost complete destruction of Japanese forces on the island.

This narrative recounts the story of the Pacific D-Day in vivid, gritty detail. Explore the fascinating feats of strategy, planning, and bravery, handing the Allies what would eventually become a victory over the Pacific Theater and an end to Imperialist Japanese expansion.