Author: Rachel Wizenfeld

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For many people, baking has a bad rap. It's fussy, it's time consuming, there are so many available shortcuts like cake mixes and pancake mixes and it's so easy to buy store-bought muffins. So why would you bother to bake anything from scratch?It's my mission to turn that attitude around! In Baking Without Bothering: Muffins and More, you'll find all the available tricks in the book to cut down on prep time and make baking muffins, quick breads like cornbread and drop rolls foolproof and swift. I've tested shortcuts and created recipes that don’t require sifting, exact measuring or multiple bowls and steps. Inside this book you'll find a fantabulous muffin mix recipe that you can use to whip up dozens of muffin variations in less than five minutes. You'll also find from-scratch recipes for:Lemon Yogurt Poppy Seed MuffinsSweet Potato CakeBanana Peanut Butter Oatmeal MuffinsMango Cranberry BreadChunky Honey CornbreadAnd more!Each of the 20 photographed recipes is tasty, wholesome, tried and true. But even better than the recipes are the tips and strategies sprinkled throughout the book to show you how to save time, use shortcuts and make baking FUN, not fussy.Baking Without Bothering is all about harnessing the fun and deliciousness of baking without the hard labor. Sifters and whisks and mixing bowls x 10? Not in my kitchen. Whether you’re making brownies or cupcakes or muffins or even bread, you can bake in a way that’s equally fun pre- and post-finished baked product. Come join the revolution!Note: This book was revised and republished in 2014 after adding several new recipes and updating photographs. If you bought the older book and would like the updated version, contact me through and I'll be happy to comp you a copy.