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DID YOU KNOW.....Non-organic bell peppers have been tested by the USDA and 115 pesticides were detected in total. We have to stop putting these chemicals in our bodies without spending a fortune!

How frustrating is it to spend a fortune on fresh fruit and vegetables, only for your carrots to go droopy in a few days and your spinach to taste more slimy than crispy in no time at all?

Now what’s even more infuriating is that you are paying more and more for these essential products.

Have you ever heard of the dirty dozen? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) creates an annual list of produce with the highest levels of pesticides. At the top of the list is our beloved strawberries, closely followed by spinach and kale.

It gets worse! Nearly 70% of fresh, non-organic produce sold in the U.S contains potentially harmful pesticides. The USDA detected DCPA on kale, classified as a possible human carcinogen.

What we assume is boosting our health could be having a horribly negative impact.

The more we rely on commercially bought products, the more harm we are doing to our own health as well as the environment.

But there is such a simple solution we all can take part in:

A greenhouse, whether small or large, can change your life—no exaggeration!

In Backyard Abundance for Greenhouse Beginners, you will discover:

5 greenhouse designs for every enthusiast—from the tiny to the titanicMust-haves for your greenhouse to ensure the healthiest and most nutritious crops5 ways you can boost your health with a greenhouse—and it’s not just about the food!The best fruits, vegetables, and herbs for beginner gardeners to plant in their greenhouse—and exactly how to maximize germinationWhy you want and need pollinators in your greenhouse7 steps to maintain your greenhouse for higher yields and fewer pestsHow to perfectly harvest herbs, fruit, and vegetables for quality, year-round food on your tableHow to decide on the right business model to turn your hobby into extra incomeYour very own FREE personal budget chart to make sure your finances stay on track

And much more.This book is for all ages, cultures, families, and demographic groups who want to exercise some control in their lives in terms of health, nutrition, finances, and well-being. In addition, it's for those who want to avoid costly mistakes. Once everything is in place based on these guidelines, anyone can have a successful and continuous year-round harvest!

Traditionally, greenhouses were only for the rich. But this is not the case today. You can make your own greenhouse for next to nothing… and you don’t have to be an architect!

Many people assume that growing your own food requires a certain skill, but you certainly don’t have to be a gardener!

What you need is reliable knowledge from someone who started with just a handful of seeds and now uses their greenhouse to make an extra income. You need a step-by-step guide on planting, pruning, and harvesting. And most of all, you need a plan!

Discover how you can grow fresh food from a greenhouse and save money in the process: scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.