Author: Dr. C.M. Gonzalez

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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After having read many books on back pain and Inversion Therapy I knew I had to write a better book on Back Pain. Many of the other books on just give you a limited perspective when discussing back pain. The solutions were limited too. There is NOT just one cause of low back pain or back pain in general. There are many causes for back pain, lower back pain and they really did not discuss all the possible complications like if you have a disc herniation, muscle spasms, failed back surgery, scoliosis, chronic back pain etc. The solutions were also quite limited.After having successfully treated over 10,000 patients with back pain for 30 years I knew it was time to write The Complete Guide To Getting Rid of Back Pain and teach people how to avoid dangerous addicting pain pills, costly and risky spine surgeries that often times left people worse off than before the surgery or be told they would have to learn to live with the pain.This book has been a labor of Love and Passion which took 15 years to write and re-write but really took 30 years in the making. I Love what I do and I love helping those people that are in pain and suffering. I truly believe this could the the answer you've been praying for.