Author: Andrew Bitensbury

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Beginner's Guide. Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin (Miner, Wallet, Standard, Mining Hardware etc.).

Bitcoin prides itself as the currency of the future. It is cryptocurrency users can transfer to one another electronically. Nobody has absolute control over the decentralized currency, and many organizations integrate it as a method of payment and value storage. It is independent and requires no transfer mediator for its operations. Our book offers a great explanation about bitcoin and its emergence. And everything you need to know about trading, storage, and how to use it in a business environment. You will begin with a general introduction, buy and store the currency, and the pros and cons. You will learn about making money with bitcoin, handling your wallet, and different questions and answers about the topic. You will learn how to sell covered calls on bitcoin, personally store, and a general understanding of its trading methods and use it in business.
This book contains vital information that will improve your understanding and gives great insight into the world of bitcoin and its trading benefits.