Author: Ahsan Khan and Shazad Ahmad

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Discover a step-by-step approach to making your life Awesome: how to reach your goals, effectively manage time, be naturally healthy and build a happy marriage. Find out what is needed to develop a magnetic personality and character. Get tips on how to kick the worry habit and maintain equanimity. Gain access to the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Get the tools to overcome the fear of public speaking. Finally, uncover the path to pursue happiness and lifelong learning.The authors present these common and not-so-common life topics in a clear, reader-friendly and enlightening manner. The text is laced with frequent quotations and anecdotal accounts. So that these topics truly have an impact and do not just remain wise words in a book, each chapter concludes with alist of Action Steps.The book is full of encouragement for setting and achieving your goals, strengthening your resolve, overcoming personal obstacles and thinkingpositively. The authors have put together a wealth of instruction and wisdom to spur any life towards its maximum potential.