Author: Ken Coleman

Category: Popular Fiction

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The exciting adventures of the Star girls as they continue their search for the man who ordered the killing of their mother and the massacre of dozens of Cheyenne women and children in the raid at Goose Creek Oklahoma, in the spring of 1879.
Along the way they face many perils as the two beautiful young women are accosted by violent killers, potential rapists, woman abusers and Indians as they travel the plains and hills of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas in their quest to exact vengeance on their mother’s murderers.
During their journey, they are joined by an elderly gunfighter, an out of work cowboy and a middle-aged woman. Each of the three become indebted to the Star Girls in separate ways and vow to help them in any way they can. They could not have known at the time, the amount of danger they were about to face because of the girls’ calamitous lifestyle. They are a magnet for trouble and face danger every step of the way until the final, brutal confrontation with their destiny, brings their quest to a violent and end.