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The Three Essential Habits of Highly Successful AuthorsImagine becoming the best writer you can be. Someone who thinks, feels and acts like a best-selling author - even before you’ve created the success you deserve. That is what Author Success Habits is all about.Whether you’re a published or an aspiring author, your biggest obstacle on the path to success is the same: doubt. It sabotages your best efforts, derails your progress and keeps you from reaching the readers who are waiting to hear your message. The good news is, you’re not alone.If you struggle with overwhelm, get stuck in self-doubt, or start but never finish a manuscript, this book is for you. Author Success Habits teaches you how to show up as the best writer you can be. How to do the work, even when it feels impossible. And how to face uncertainty with courage so that you can build your dream writing career.Using a set-by-step formula, this book teaches you the three habits that have helped hundreds of authors overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their author goals. Within these pages, you will learn how to create a consistent writing habit, develop a publishing process, and implement marketing systems so that you can sell more books and make more money.In this simple, straightforward guide you will discover how to:* Define your unique purpose and mission so that you’re excited to start writing each day.* Set extraordinary goals (and achieve more than you thought possible).* Implement systems and habits that skyrocket your productivity.* Master the mindset of a highly successful author.* Be fearless and take action knowing that you can create any result you desire.Building an author business doesn’t have to be a painful process that takes years (or decades) to complete. By following the steps in each chapter, Author Success Habits will show you how you can consistently create bestsellers that connect to your audience, over and over again.Are you ready to become a successful author?Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!