Aurora Abroad by Aron Lewes

Author: Aron Lewes

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Who hasn’t heard the story of the princess with an unfortunate tendency for coma-inducing finger pricks? And who could forget about the evil witch who wants to kill her by any means necessary, be it spindle or poisonous apple? Who hasn’t rolled his eyes at the thought of Prince Charming and his affinity for tights, tunics and baseless serenades?

But the princess we know was never whisked away to a world of magic lamps and genies, and she most certainly didn’t go on a quest with the naked emperor from the Emperor’s New Clothes… until now. Big bad wolves, trolls, frog princes and pirates (among other things) come together in a madcap marriage of classic fairy tales. Hans Christian Andersen wouldn’t be proud!

Aurora Abroad is a romantic comedy for all ages!