Author: Simon Northouse

Category: Popular Fiction

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It all started with a walk…What could possibly go wrong?

After a near-death experience reclusive rock star, Will Harding comes out of retirement and reforms his old band.For a man with little patience and a natural loathing of other people, it's a big call. It's hard enough to deal with the public, let alone his dysfunctional bandmates.As "The Resurrection Tour" begins, it's not long before Will is cast back into a world of chaos, egos, drugs, and strange coincidences.But something is not quite right… Is he in charge of his own destiny or merely a pawn in someone else’s game, and will he regret his second chance?

Meet The Characters

Will Harding – Singer/Songwriter:

His idea of a good-time is walking in the wilderness, a glass of red, and an occasional humbug.

Geordie – Bass Guitar:

With a PhD in stupidity, Geordie is not your run-of the-mill moron. He never starts the fights, but he's good at finishing them. He can turn tranquillity into calamity in the blink of an eye… it's a gift!

Robbo – Lead Guitar:

When not in a self-induced weed coma, Robbo likes to contemplate the eternal mysteries of life, like why do men have nipples?

Flaky – Drummer:

A devout born again Christian, vegetarian, teetotaller, and professional nit-picker. In other words—a royal pain in the freckle.

Chas – ex-Manager:

Lying, deceitful, sly, underhand, manipulative—all the things you'd expect from a good Cockney manager.

Arc Of A Shooting Star is a humorous misadventure in this dark comedy series. If you enjoy fiction that excites, entertains, makes you laugh out loud, and sometimes brings a tear to the eye, then start binge-reading the Shooting Star series today.

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