Apocalypse Gate Series Full Trilogy by Eddie Patin

Author: Eddie Patin

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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The FULL TRILOGY - 3 Books in 1!
Sometimes, things go horribly wrong.
In the arena of worldwide politics and major scientific research, projects can be so big and all-encompassing that the little things can be missed.

And when certain details are not anticipated—-like the burst of a massive Electromagnetic pulse being an unforeseen side effect of the activation of an inter-dimensional portal—-there may be unintended consequences.

Especially when that EMP blast leaves the scientists disabled, and their new open gateway creates an out-of-control chain reaction of other portals to random dimensions and far-off places throughout the universe popping up all over Earth—-each accompanied by their own EMP bursts as well…

A whole world can change because of the little things.

Worlds can collide…

Entire pieces of a world can be lost into the dark, unknown spaces in between…

These are the stories of everyday Americans trying to survive on an Earth devastated by the total collapse of electronics and man-made power, and ravaged by the otherworldly dangers that emerged from the Apocalypse Gate...


Book 1 - Portal Zero
Where were you when the lights went out and the monsters came?
In the near future, a government experiment out of control opens gateways to other worlds and dimensions all over planet Earth, plunging everyday people into a nightmare of grim survival against the horrific and bizarre...
Portal Zero. The beginning of the end.
Book 2 - Worlds Merge
Are you prepared for a S H T F scenario? Ready for an EMP and the total collapse of society?
What if an obscene variety of bizarre and horrific monsters and environments were pouring into an apocalyptic America from portals to multiple worlds and dimensions, all torn through space-time all over the country? What if you didn't even recognize the city around you anymore?
What would you do when Worlds Merge?
Book 3 - Ruin Prevails
Zombies, Werewolves, Aliens, Demons and Hell–-Cosmic Horror and Nightmares from your Darkest Dreams crawl at you through the Gates…
These aren’t your typical movie monsters. And these aren’t your typical heroes.
Nothing will ever be the same. Ruin Prevails.

Do you love guns, tactical realism, and monsters? Are you a fan of cosmic horror and dark fantasy / sci-fi? Love the Mist and Cabin in the Woods? Lovecraft? Doom? Stranger Things? EMP and Prepper Survival? This story is full of terror, suspense, and bad language. If you can dig it, strap in for a ride to Hell!

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