Author: Maggie Bloom

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The last thing fifteen-year-old Flora wants to do is spend her summer vacation stuck in a tent with her overprotective parents and angsty brother, especially when she should be in Europe with her best friend Jessie—sipping espresso, posing for cutesy tourist pics, and hunting for hot Italian (or French, or maybe even British) stud-muffins. But since her parents trust her about as much as they trust a cat burglar, Flora has no choice but to suffer through the boyfriend-less summer of her discontent from the back of a rented SUV, until . . .Fate tosses a sexy, sophisticated gypsy boy into her path, making Flora wonder if destiny might know best after all. That is until destiny screws up, big time. Because just as Flora falls head over heels, an unexpected turn of events threatens to land her in the slammer—or worse, separate her from the man of her dreams.