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Are you trying to manage and calm your anxiety with tried-and-true methods? Are you sick of battling strong emotions that are ruining your life?

Teenagers are more likely to

experience severe anxiety than adults

and the rate is rising. If you don't understand what is happening, anxiety can be a terrifying and isolating experience.

And regrettably

, it's all too common for teenagers to experience pressure to participate in a variety of activities, perform well in all of them, get into a "good" college, excel in their chosen sport, or always be connected to and available to everyone while also never saying or doing the wrong thing.This book will enable you to take charge of your anxiety rather than

having it rule you

. If you suffer from

anxiety and panic attacks

and are unsure of its cause or how to manage it, this book is for you. You can learn how to understand your anxiousness inside.

Anxiety Toolkit for Teens

will teach you how to comprehend your anxiety, develop a toolset for managing it, and learn daily routines.

This book is packed

with concepts, methods, and exercises that can make anyone who has anxiety feel more anchored, at ease, accepting, and in charge.The

first step you can do

to deal with anxiety is to educate yourself about it. Managing strong emotions requires the

capacity to be totally present

in the moment, which lowers daily stress. You'll learn and find out in this book about:

The various ways anxiety creeps up and how it takes controlStrategies that have been shown to help you manage stress and anxiety in a healthy wayHow to precisely treat anxiety right away to regain controlWhy you might think there's something wrong with you and how to actually get over thatHow to practice mindfulness to lessen anxiety in daily life?CBT-based skills for managing anxiety


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