Author: Elizabeth T. Rupert

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“Lean and Green cookbook 2023”

The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet to Live Longer and With More Energy!

Does your body always feel as if it's on fire?Is it something that happens every time you eat?No matter how much you eat, you're still gaining weight.No worries, you've come to the correct place!You may go from being very productive to being unable to focus on your job in a matter of minutes if you have an inflammatory feeling. It would help if you got it checked out after eating anything that causes inflammation since something is amiss with your digestive system.Inflammation, on the other hand, maybe cured by eating the right foods!When eating is causing a problem, eating the appropriate foods may help fix it. It's strange to say, but it's the truth! Acids in the body are neutralized when you eat the alkaline diet, but this alone isn't enough to permanently treat the inflammatory feeling in the body. You need the right diet!The book also includes the Perfect anti-inflammatory and alkaline diet!This guide includes:

An Overview Of The Anti-Inflammatory Diet, in a chapter that will explain to you exactly what it is, what are its guidelines, how to follow it correctly, and what are all his benefits, so you can comprehend why it can be so beneficial for solving your situationWhat Are The Most Common Types Of Chronic Inflammation, so that you can recognize which one you have and understand that an anti-inflammatory diet might be the solution to soothe your symptoms right away;

1500 days of anti-inflammatory recipes with easy, tasty, and healthy meals from breakfast to dinner,

Tips and advice on how to best follow the diet, including a handy list of foods to eat and avoid,

• An Extremely Convenient 30-Day Meal Plan, that you can use to plan an entire month worth of healthy meals in advance, to simplify and organize your meal prep and your shopping sprees, and start feeling better without any stress and problems;

And many more……If your body often suffers from ailments that traditional medicine can only momentarily quell then it's time for you to regain control of the situation by putting

balance in your body through the teachings of this book!

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