Author: Carrie Khang

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STOP being ANGRY with your kids, learn how to be CALM, be more self-aware, resolve tantrums, and enjoy PEACEFUL parenting!

+ Do you want to

break reactive parenting cycles


become a better mom for your kids

?+ Do you find yourself

yelling every day at your kids

or notice you’re frequently getting Angry?+ Do you sometimes

feel overwhelmed with your emotions


get frustrated when you can’t control your anger

?+ Do you want to create a

healthy/no-scream home environmen

t and look for

helpful techniques


If your answer is YES, this book is for YOU.

As parents, you don’t have control over your kids; you can only control YOURSELF!Therefore, you need to work on yourself and start having an enjoyable parenting experience. If your child constantly screams, throws tantrums, misbehaves, and engages in power struggles with you, you’re in the right spot.

This book will teach you exactly how to work past your anger and resolve with your kids peacefully. With the information, lessons, and examples I will share in this book, you will realize that there are other ways of showing emotions rather than screaming, spanking, or getting angry with your child.

What can this book do for “Angry Parents?”

? Learn what parental anger is and what makes you an angry parent? Discover how to spot your triggers? Find out / understand why your child misbehaves? Know the effect your anger has on your child? Uncover how to minimize power struggles and live peacefully with your child? Gain access to simple no-yelling and less anger checklists? Unlock the secrets to the best strategies for peaceful parenting? And so much more!

No doubt, being a parent can be hard. However, you can learn how to make the journey of parenting easier for your child and yourself. Don’t you want the best for your little one whom you love so much?