Author: Angel Adams

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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I didn't mean to mess up my afterlife. It just...happened.

I didn’t expect to die at sixteen. (Stupid garbage truck.) And now I’m in some strange place they call the Inbetween, and Aiden, my slacker guardian angel who let me die, is teaching me the ways of the afterlife. He’s not very good at it. He doesn’t like being stuck with me, he sucks at teaching, and he’s always running off, so I’m left to bumble through things by myself a lot.I get assigned to be a guardian angel to Tyler, the hottest guy in school, which is weird because I’ve never been in the cool crowd. Now I’m hanging out with the popular kids. They can’t see me, but who cares. It’s kind of fun learning all their gossip. Until my angel tablet tells me Tyler’s going to die, and it’s my job to save him.If that’s not bad enough, I start to develop a massive crush on Tyler, which is against the angel rules. Angels can’t fall in love. Then I suddenly become visible to Tyler, and everything falls apart.