An Undiscovered Life by Nancy Moser

Author: Nancy Moser

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Discover the before years.
Do you know about your family’s before years — their lives before you?
Elsie and Willis Masterson have been married 69 years when he passes away. Before he dies Willis encourages Elsie to make sure the family knows about her life. She’s always been his biggest supporter, bragging about him, pushing her own life into the background.
Now it’s her turn to shine. And share.
The notion of talking about herself is foreign to Elsie. Yet as she copes with widowhood, she gets an idea: why not create treasure hunts for her family—for all three generations? She’ll hand out personalized clues that will lead them into her past, into the moments that changed her. Into moments that might change them.
As they share Elsie’s undiscovered life her family finds that some experiences are timeless. Some memories are priceless.
And some lessons are eternal.