Author: Karen Anna Vogel

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Amish Knit & Crochet Circle: Smicksburg Tales 5, consist of 8 episodes along with 8 thrifty recipes that Granny shares with the new outreach at the Smicksburg Baptist Church. But this gives Granny time to get involved Amish women in need. The Punxsutawney Amish cell phone kerfuffle is in full swing. Clara and Jacob move down to Smicksburg, hoping their kin will follow a narrower path. Melvin wants a cell phone in his variety store sending Fannie into a tizzy. Would Melvin expect her to move to Punsxy? NEVER! A very homesick Ella visits from New York, a rift in her marriage and soul. Widow Sarah comes to visit her cousin, wrapped in a crocheted black shawl, as fancy as she dare make it, and has the women in Granny's circle hankering to crochet. Sarah's more than willing to stick around chatting with Jonas over her wayward son. Can Jeb's new C.S. Lewis reading circle help young Samuel believe in a loving God? Denny and Becca have many decisions to make after his baptism. Will these teen lovebirds tie the knot?But how can Becca think of getting married with her dad so ill? Smicksburg Tales is a continuing short story serial which started in 2011 and is still in full swing. After 8 episodes are written they are combined into 300+ page novels. If you like the "old-fashioned serials" as many readers do, look for the books in episodes. To start at the very beginning, when Granny starts the knitting circle, look for Amish Knitting Circle: Episode 1 ~ Beginnings. Each episode is approximately 40 pages and only 99 cents. If you prefer reading in long novel format, the books are in the following order: Amish Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 1 Amish Friends Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 2 Amish Knit Lit Circle: Smicksburg Tales 3 Amish Knit & Stitch Circle: Smicksburg Tales 4 Amish Knit & Crochet Circle: Smicksburg Tales 5