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Alpha-Phonics on Kindle!! The 2020version. It is the same and is every bit as simple and effective as the book which first came out in 1976. Parents will find that Amazon has perfected its Kindle presentations of books like Alpha-Phonics to a new high level. Alpha-Phonics has been available on Kindle and online downloads for many years but the current offering is much better than in past years. A book like Alpha-Phonics to be used in teaching a child to read on a digital platform presents unique challenges. Amazon’s Kindle had worked out all these problems and now offers Alpha-Phonics in a very teacher-friendly and student-friendly format that almost guarantees success in teaching reading. The Kindle version has been carefully designed to work as easily for the Kindle viewer as it has proven to be for the print version user for so long. Alpha-Phonics is probably the simplest, most effective systematic, intensive phonics reading instruction program available today. HERE'S WHY IT WORKS SO WELL: IT IS SIMPLE!!There are only 44 phonograms (sounds) the child needs to learn. There are only 44 sounds needed for the entire English language. Reading is simple to teach because all you have to do is teach the student to SOUND OUT the words they are trying to read. At first they sound the words out LOUD then later they do it in their head silently. That is ALL there is to teaching reading. Student begins with short vowels putting simplest words together (Like a plus m = am or a plus s = as; etc.) and progresses to the more advanced words. With Alpha-Phonics the beginner can be reading simple sentences by lesson three, and that can be even on the first day! Other programs try to do too much. They inject grammar, pictures and other material, needlessly complicating the task. With Alpha-Phonics you just teach reading only. Alpha-Phonics has a BONUS in that you EASILY teach SPELLING as you go, lesson by lesson. You just spend a few minutes with each lesson doing oral and written dictation to teach spelling. Alpha-Phonics easily introduces over 3,500 words in its simple 128 lessons. Many children learn reading in only months. Alpha-Phonics also works very well for older, even adult, students who need remediation. It is endorsed by leading homeschooling product reviewers Cathy Duffy, Mary Pride and the Robinson Curriculum people. Print version used very successfully by hundreds of thousands for almost 30 years by parents. Amazon also has optional accompanying Readers and Practice Workbook. SPECIAL NOTE: Is there a negative about Alpha-Phonics? Yes. In the more than 25 years we've published Alpha-Phonics we have heard only one criticism (Only a few times). Here it is: Some Moms say they think their child can become bored when taught with Alpha-Phonics. Too many parents are used to having fun-like, non-essential Bells & whistles, playing card decks, spin the needle, etc. Public Education has eschewed drill. They feel you have to entertain kids while teaching them. This only slows down the process. What many Moms don't realize is that with Alpha-Phonics their student can be READING simple sentences even on day one! Students do see a lot of words in the lessons of Alpha-Phonics, but they quickly are READING those words; they are accomplishing, not being entertained. Moms who feel it looks tedious soon realize their child is actually learning to READ (To sound out) words. (Besides, those bells & whistles make the program more expensive and complicated) The huge sense of success in actually reading will soon overcome any short-lived problem. This makes ultimately for very happy Moms, Dads AND students. We almost forgot a super BONUS for some parents in using Alpha-Phonics with their children: Many of the adults become better readers as they progress through Alpha-Phonics with their child. Go with the one that has weathered the test of time. Go with the one that is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and INEXPENSIVE: Go with ALPHA-PHONICS