Author: A.J. Newman

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Alone in the Apocalypse: After the Flare Book 1Action and Adventure in the ApocalypseA cold, rogue star hurtling toward the Black Hole in the galactic center ripped the three outer planets out of their orbits. Their star Alpha Omega was destroyed a million years ago. The planets were thus destined to travel billions of miles to their eventual meeting collision with the Earth.Convinced that the world will one day face disaster in some form, Matt decides enough is enough and sells out, taking survival courses and learning all he can about preparing for the inevitable. Little does Matt know, but the end is sooner than he had anticipated, as a solar flare of immense power causes mayhem on the planet. Worse than that, however, is the fact that three rogue planets are on a collision course with the sun and are timed to collide with it at the same time. And this event has the potential to wipe out all life on Earth. Now Matt is engaged in the fight of his life as he tries to survive while defending his property from the criminals who now scour the land. Matt knows he can’t save the whole world, but can he at least protect the ones he loves?