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The author quits her high-flying job in London, orders a classic Indian Enfield Bullet motorbike and goes off for a year on a 17,000 mile circuit of India. She wants adventures, and as a solo traveller, has plenty of them. Follow her on her travels discovering an unknown world of motorbiking, wanderlust and Indian life. Humorous and well-written, this refreshingly honest book recounts her numerous mishaps, both on and off the bike. This story shows how a can-do attitude can compensate for inexperience and will appeal to those with a « just do it » attitude to life. And for that you don't even need to be a biker.BOOK REVIEW by Stuart Jewkes, Editor of The Rider's Digest"All the gear and no idea" is usually meant as a pejorative term aimed at chequebook bikers. On the other hand, Michele Harrison inverts the phrase here to illustrate her refreshingly honest and upfront admission of her inexperience in relation to the magnitude of her undertaking - a massive road trip round India, all by herself, on a locally-procured Royal Enfield, with no backup or support of any kind. Unlike many of her "moto-travel-lit" peers, Michele uses the best policy of all, which is to adopt the value system of her host nation and leave everything to fate; a policy which eventually has a lasting impact on the rest of her life (in a good way - but I won't give it away!). As a result, she makes Homeric road trips like this sound accessible and achievable to mere mortals, when so many others give the impression that lack of expertise is a barrier to entry.It's not all Pirsig-style mysticism either. Instead you variously get crashes, dynamite, harrassment and hospitality, charity and larceny, disease, enlightenment and a side-trip into the Himalayas. At the centre of all this is Michele and her motorcycle ("Big Thumper"), which is the perfect vehicle for the human interaction that is the cornerstone of all great travel stories, including this one.