Author: Avery Blake & David W. Wright

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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He had to betray his species to save ours.
Ash thought he was a normal guy with a normal life: a wife he loved, and a stepdaughter who resented him.
Until the day he gets pulled over by a cop who is more than he seems, and that illusion is shattered in one violent revelation.
Ash isn’t who, or what, he thinks he is.
His memories have been wiped to protect him from himself and the world, but the only way to save the world from the looming alien invasion is to rediscover his past and destroy The Puncture, a powerful device the aliens are seeking.
Now he’ll have to rely on the last person in the world who wants to help him: his step-daughter, Darcy, who hates him.
Set up for a crime they didn’t commit, and hunted by an alien posing as an FBI agent, Ash and Darcy must race the clock to find The Puncture before the aliens do. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.
But first they’ll have to survive one another.
Alienation is a new standalone novel set in the bestselling Alien Invasion Universe. Pick up your copy today!