Author: Nathan Roten

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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In the quiet town of Portfield, Pennsylvania, where secrets lie dormant beneath the surface, a young orphan named Graham is about to discover the true extent of his supernatural powers. AEGIS: Catalyst Grove is a contemporary fantasy saga that takes you on an electrifying journey into a world where magic meets reality and where the fate of a group of friends hangs in the balance.

Fifteen-year-old Graham's life takes a dark and mysterious turn when his nights are plagued by terrifying nightmares, each one more vivid and terrifying than the last. But these are no ordinary dreams; they are a harbinger of something extraordinary. As Graham grapples with his newfound abilities, he becomes convinced that a man named Cavaness holds the key to unraveling the mystery of his powers.

However, his quest for truth spirals out of control into a fight for survival when he is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned warehouse. Graham and his friends are thrust into a perilous game of cat and mouse as they struggle to escape their captors and avoid becoming a part of their experiments, all while Graham’s power becomes increasingly unpredictable. Their futures hang by a thread, and survival is far from guaranteed. Can Graham harness the full extent of his mysterious powers in time to rescue his friends? Can he unravel the secrets of his past and face the dangers ahead? Was the truth behind his powers worth risking everything – even his own life?

Embark on a fantastical adventure filled with magic realism and a coming-of-age tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This thrilling, fast-paced fantasy adventure explores the depths of friendship, the allure of the unknown, and the courage it takes to confront one's destiny. Get ready to dive into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary and where the bonds of friendship are forged in the struggle for survival in AEGIS: Catalyst Grove.

Interview with the Author

Q - What makes the AEGIS Series so unique?
I am a huge fan of epic adventures. I loved The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord Of The Rings and always acted out fight scenes in my head as a child. I thrive on the stories of the classic clash of good vs. evil. I also appreciate clean stories that don't rely on rash language and questionable intimate scenes. Great stories don't need those. A solid plot, relatable characters, hard decisions, strong moral fiber, and nail-biting action carry a series to greatness. We all want themes that stick with us long after we are finished reading, ones that make us think deeply. Yeah, that is what sets this apart... and, of course, I have developed the story to keep you turning the pages in anticipation. You may hate me for making you stay up all night to finish!

Q - What books are in the series?
Another unique aspect of the AEGIS series is the Character Stories. These are novelettes based on each main character in the series to give you a glimpse into the extraordinary circumstances that shaped them into who they are today. These novelettes can be read in any order, but I suggest reading Catalyst Grove before diving in. Here is what is out so far:

AEGIS: Catalyst Grove
AEGIS: The Rift
AEGIS: The Frozen Throne (in process)
+1 more planned

Recollection: Graham Dawson
Mission Alpha: Eric Branson
+ many more to come!

Q - So, why should readers give these books a try?
Readers will likely enjoy the book if they enjoy: - Adventurous storylines - Epic battles - Clean reading - Strong, relatable characters - An urge to wage war against the forces of darkness - Deep, meaningful moral undertones - Mystery - Special Powers (superhero/superpowers you ask? I guess you will have to read and see :) )