Author: Lawrence M. Schoen, Brian Thorne

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"An amazing story. You see the action, you smell the fear, you are right there with the heroes. Well worth your read!" -- Michael AnderleBen “Coop” Cooper is a washed-up, blacklisted, former movie star.He’s also dying.Out of hope and with no other options, Coop figures he has nothing to lose when an alien robot offers him a chance to resurrect his fallen star.But nothing goes as he expects. Find out why and will he become more than just a movie star hero in this complete series boxed set!---Coop jumps at the chance of a lead role in a new movie, knowing it will be his last.There’s a catch. The robot tells him that in exchange for the opportunity to make his swansong, he must take part in a medical experiment.Except...the movie role is a lie, and the aliens intend on killing him once their experiment is concluded.Coop’s “treatment” succeeds beyond expectation, curing his illness and rejuvenating his body. Then the true potential of the human body is revealed when he discovers his new abilities.Now he just has to survive long enough to make it worthwhile…Included in this boxed set:1. Fight or Flight2. Alien Thrill Seeker3. Anger ManagementScroll up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE and join Coop as he reads in for the biggest role of his life