Author: Margaret Hampton

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Executive functioning abilities, such as attention, organisation, stress management, and social skills, are essential for success in many parts of life. Whether you've just been diagnosed with ADHD or have had it your whole life, you know that learning these abilities may be difficult. Thriving with Adult ADHD is possible, and this book provides a toolkit of knowledge, evaluations, and evidence-based activities to assist you in developing this skill set and gaining control of your ADHD.

With practical instruction and exercises for sharpening your memory and attention, developing a plan to organise, developing your mental flexibility, expanding your emotional regulation, boosting your impulse control, and living your best life, you can make genuine, durable improvements.

ADHD, ADHD 2.0, and SOCIAL ANXIETY for Adults book contain the following sections:

? Overview of executive functioning—Discover what executive performance is, how it connects to ADHD, and how these activities may assist you in developing it.

? Solutions for all situations—Learn how to manage ADHD symptoms at home, at work, and in relationships.

? Quick self-evaluations might help you identify your strengths and flaws.

? Techniques for dealing with social anxiety, individualized change plans, and activities for gradual and moderate exposure

? The essential elements of effective relationships, as well as all of the skills required to harness the force of life's basic tie

Don't allow the symptoms of ADHD to hold you back. With ADHD 2.0 & SOCIAL ANXIETY for Adults, you can learn the skills you need to accomplish your objectives.