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A single great coaching exercise can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 50(!!!) exercises from some of the world’s top coaches. It's like having a team of coaches on demand. Here’s what you get: 50 exercises from top coaches that have been refined through years of practice. You will find exercises grouped into five different themes: Mind and Emotions, Body and Lifestyle, Happiness, Goals and Habits, and Success and Business. Examples: -INCREASE ENERGY AND FOCUS with the “Energy Balance system” (use this to beat procrastination and find motivation) (Pg. 72)-FIND YOUR INTERNAL COMPASS with the “Guidance System” (use this for making life’s biggest decisions) (Pg.113)-BEAT NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS with “Brain rewiring” (use this to beat self doubt, worry, and fear) (Pg.18)-BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF with the “Horizon Self” (use this to develop new patterns of thought and behavior that align with who you want to be) (P. 156)-GUARANTEE SUCCESS with the “Success Blueprint” (use this framework to create repeatable business success whenever you want it) (Pg. 198)If you are feeling stuck or confused, these exercises will help get you going with renewed clarity and purposeIf you are feeling motivated and excited, these exercises will add fuel to your fire and cultivate your skills If you are feeling yucky, these exercises will help you feel yummy Dive in and start with the exercise that most intrigues you, and then keep the book handy like a personal coach whenever you need it.Are you a coach? Steal our ideas and use them with your own clients.Change your future now, get your copy of Activate Your Life If you can’t use one of the exercises to change your life, send the book back and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.