Accidental Hero by Jo Grafford

Author: Jo Grafford

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Once burnt, twice shy, never again! He needs a job, she’s trying to save her family’s ranch, and neither of them is looking for an explosive attraction to complicate things. Sure the chemistry between them is real, but the timing is off — way off!
Army Ranger Matt Romero allows his ex-fiancée to pressure him into leaving the military during a whirlwind relationship, only to be dumped by her at the altar. During a road trip across Texas for a job interview, he stops to rescue an injured woman from a collision. Her intriguing plea before the ambulance arrives makes him linger in town a few extra hours.

Bree Anderson and her brother, Brody, are barely keeping their ranch afloat after a failed joint business venture with her ex-fiancé. So she is livid when she wakes from a coma to discover that her brother has talked the stranger who saved her life into becoming their newest investment partner. And not the long-distance kind, either.
Despite their instant attraction, neither Matt nor Bree is quick or willing to take a second chance at love. Or even give each other the benefit of the doubt. Brody works like crazy to keep the peace between them, but there’s only so much one partially paralyzed cowboy can do. All too soon Matt and Bree realize they’re fighting more than an unwanted attraction, and flushing out the secret saboteur plaguing their ranch is going to directly depend on their ability to learn to work together — despite the sparks flying between them. Or maybe because of them?

★ BORN IN TEXAS is a series of sweet and inspirational, standalone romantic suspense stories about small town, everyday heroes. WARNING: Lots of heart, plenty of humor, and always a happily-ever-after!

The whole alphabet is coming!
A – Accidental Hero
B – Best Friend Hero
C – Celebrity Hero
D – Damaged Hero

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