Accidental Familiar by Belinda White

Author: Belinda White

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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The Complete Accidental Familiar Series (including the prequel) all between two virtual covers!When Aunt Opal became the lead suspect in a murder investigation, I needed access to magic. Fast.The trouble was, not only was I the youngest witch in the Ravenswind family, I was also the one with the least power. Actually, to say I had any power at all would be an overstatement. Magic seemed to have passed me by at birth. There was a way, however, to possibly change that. Aunt Opal had been trying to get me to claim a familiar for years now. Familiars were known to help enhance a witch's magic. So why was I dragging my feet on getting one? Well, mostly because cats make me sneeze like crazy. But hey, what's a little sneezing in the midst of a family crisis? One makes sacrifices for family, right?So I found a little black kitty at an animal shelter. And wonder of wonders, he didn't make me sneeze. That was the good news.The bad news? He wasn't exactly what he seemed to be.
The Accidental Familiar Complete Box Set includes Books One through Five as well as the series prequel. Grab a chair, a tall glass of soda, and the cat. It's time for a Paranormal Cozy Mystery binge read.