A Very British Lord by G. L. Snodgrass

Author: G. L. Snodgrass

Category: Romance Books

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*** A Steamy Regency Romance ***

“She had fallen in love with her husband and now he was going to leave her.”

Lord Brookenham and Miss Isobel Stafford naturally rubbed up against each other like wild thistles and horsehair. They couldn’t share a ballroom or a parlor without snapping at each other. To Isobel, he was too handsome and too manly for his own good. It was as if he had been placed on this earth to frustrate her.

To Lord Brookenham, Isobel Stafford was too free and self-assured for a young miss. The antithesis of everything he knew to be correct about his world.

When she is compromised by a cad and scoundrel. No one is more surprised than Isobel when Lord Brookenham steps forward to save her honor. Sacrificing his freedom and happiness to protect her from ruin. All Isobel ever wanted was a family of her own. To find true love and happiness like her sisters. Instead she finds herself married to the Earl of Brookenham. While he agrees to give her the family she craves. He adamantly refuses to give her his heart.