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Hot, Juicy, Bread( with butter maybe ), You Can do it Too!Bread!We have friends over and want to commune with them; we break bread.The simple act of showing friendship and fellowship. If we are shorton money, we need to make some dough. The simple start to the breadmaking process is synonymous with making our way in the world. If wefind something amazing, it is the best thing since sliced bread.Sliced bread must have been pretty amazing. Was there anything goodbefore it? No one will ever know. If we are celebrating, we make atoast (which I do not think has anything to do with bread, but I wasrunning out of bread-related things to say.)Breadis something we take for granted. It is something which has been partof our culture for thousands of years. It is a part of our dailylife. We cannot go anywhere without bumping into a slice of bread.From the humble cheese on toast to the mighty sandwich, to thefantastic grilled cheese sandwich, bread is everywhere. We cannotescape it. We will not escape it.Nowthat we have that cleared up let’s talk bread. We all know whatbread is, there is no need to discuss it any further. The real reasonyou are here is to learn about how to bake really great bread. Well,I am going to tell you how, and more. We will start with some historybefore we delve into making great bread. From the dough to thefinish, I will tell you everything you need to know about the loaf.From oven baked to bread maker, we will go through the variousmethods at your disposal. From recipe ideas to what you should dowith your stale bread (hint: don’t throw it away), we will learnabout the versatility of this humble yeasty treat.Thereis so much that bread can do and so much that you can do with bread.The ingredients are endless, the recipes are endless; thepossibilities are endless. Come on a journey with me as we bake somebread.