A Taste of Rosebridge (Boxed Set) by Harper Logan

Author: Harper Logan

Category: Romance Books

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A Taste of Rosebridge is a collection of sweet, fluffy and very steamy M/M romance novels, featuring men hailing from Harper Logan’s cozy little East Coast town of Rosebridge. Featured in this box set are My Leading Man, Stray Hearts and Heartbeat, three unique stories that are sure to draw you into Harper’s delightful world of gay romance.

My Leading Man
It’s been twelve years since the boy next door disappeared from Steven Neeson’s life, but he’s never been able to forget the promise they made to each other. Since then, Steven has been lost on his path through life, suffering through stagnation and the inability to follow his desire to become a writer. When he learns that his old neighbor grew up to become a famous movie star, Steven decides to risk everything and leave his life behind. With screenplay in hand, it’s off to LA for a chance at the big time—and to reunite with his childhood sweetheart.

Stray Hearts
Wandering around during a thunderstorm in the hopes of curing his crippling creative block, master potter Lucas Duncan is surprised to find something else—a terrified and lost cat. He’s even more surprised to discover who the owner is: the handsome newcomer to town. Deep in the closet and ten years Chris’s senior, Lucas wouldn’t normally have a reason to associate with the young wanderer… if not for Henry the cat, and the unyielding magnetism of fate. Can the undeniable connection between the two lost souls bring their stray hearts home?

Life for Kyle Ellings has been on a downward spiral. After walking in on his boyfriend with another man, Kyle finds his ability to play the drums vanishing into thin air, and with it his scholarships to Beasley University’s prestigious music school. In a last-ditch effort to rediscover his mojo, Kyle decides to try busking in the streets—a decision that brings him face to face with the handsome and flirtatious businessman who will change his life forever.