Author: Eryn Scott

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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This is the second set of books in Eryn Scott’s popular Stoneybrook Mystery series. Follow jam maker, Hadley James, and her friends as they solve crimes in their usually peaceful town. Each book features a different cat and canning recipes from Food in Jars creator, Marisa McClellan.

A Flaky Alibi

A Juicy Murder

A Glazed Finish

A Flaky Alibi

Leave no scone unturned…

While the Pretty Jam Good kitchen is under renovation, Hadley is thrilled to be a judge in the annual Grande Bake Off. That all changes when the front-runner is murdered, and Hadley’s friend Mickie becomes the main suspect. Positive she can help clear her friend’s name, Hadley begins sifting through the clues.

Snow is on the ground and fear is in the air. What should’ve been a friendly competition has turned deadly. As tension rises in Stoneybrook, Hadley teams up with Luke to make sure this case is solved before the competition ends in another murder.

Recipes included: Granny James’ mini jam tarts and Mickie’s almond honey challah.

A Juicy Murder

They’ll squeeze out every last clue…

A new juice bar in Stoneybrook has the town on a delicious health kick. When a woman is found strangled outside the shop, the townspeople swear they’ve never seen her before.

But someone among the locals is lying. They not only recognize the woman but had motive to silence her.

Hadley and her twin have three mysteries to solve. Who is the mysterious woman? Why did someone want her dead? And will finding these answers put their lives at risk too?

Recipes from Food in Jars creator, Marisa McClellan, included: gingery rhubarb jam and quick pickled snap peas!

A Glazed Finish

This type of mugging can be deadly …

The annual River Run is a fall favorite in Stoneybrook. Participants end the race with a commemorative mug from local potter, Josie Cobb. But when one of the mugs is shattered over Josie’s ex-husband’s head and he’s found dead along the riverside trail, the sheriff is sure the potter finally snapped.

To make things worse, the dead man had flowers and an engagement ring with him, only months after the ink dried on his divorce to Josie.

Hadley cannot believe the generous local artist would do such a thing. Before the authorities make a huge mistake, Hadley has to prove Josie’s innocence. This trail of clues is about to lead Hadley to uncover a big secret in her small town.

Recipes from Food in Jars creator, Marisa McClellan, included: maple bourbon apple butter and pumpkin butter!