A Selfish Heart by Rose Pearson

Author: Rose Pearson

Category: Romance Books

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Lady Anna’s reputation has been shattered. Lord Comerfield should marry her to save her. But will he?Having seen the success of her sister in finding a love match, Lady Anna is hopeful that she too will have the same good fortune. Under the guidance of Lady Hayward, she returns to London society with the hope of making an excellent match. Eager and confident, she is suddenly shattered when a case of mistaken identity brings her lower than ever before.It had not been his intention to ruin Lady Anna’s reputation but now that he has done so, Elias, the Marquess of Comerfield, feels such guilt and shame that he is desperate to make amends. The only thing that will restore her reputation, however, is for him to wed her himself, but Elias resists the idea entirely. Attempting to do all he can to help the lady, he soon finds himself forced into a decision that will change his life forever.Will he give up his own desire for the good of Lady Anna? Or will selfishness continue to reign over both his life and his heart?This is the second book in the Landon House series, where Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon form an alliance to assist each other with difficulties of their family life. Get your copy today! Read more