A Rogue in the Making by Stacy Reid

Author: Stacy Reid

Category: Romance Books

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Miss Juliana Pryce is on the run from her dastardly stepfather, who wants to control her wealth by marrying her off to his son! Knowing that she only has to escape their clutches for a few weeks until she comes of age, Juliana resolves to hide. The perfect place seemed to be in the household of Wentworth, the Earl of Rawlings!

Wentworth’s nose is always buried in a book, and despite meddling suggestions from his mother, he has little care for a lady’s companionship or matters of the heart. Until one day, he notices that stunningly lush derriere of his new valet! His suspicion stirs by his valet’s boldness and unconventional behavior, Wentworth resolves to an experiment: Find out if his valet is a woman.

Wentworth embarks on a campaign of roguish behavior! What will the scholarly earl do when the lush derriere, plump lips, and sensual smile he is so singularly attracted to are that of a lady’s?

Warning: Steam level: Hot!