Author: Juan Fernando Gómez-Behr

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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- Version: eBook -This is a SELF-EMPOWERING book that includes MORE THAN 300 ILLUSTRATED PIECES OF ADVICE to implement in your daily life. Recommendations are based on the author's personal experience, financial success, and science. The book is divided into different life chapters: personal finances, health, work, business, relationships, nutrition, family, education, personal growth, and so on. This is a book for "non-readers" because each piece of advice is easily digested and can be read one-per-day.Inside these pages, you will find three hundred shortcuts for your career, your love life, and everything else that matters. People tend to overstate the truth behind advertisements and quick fixes. At the same time, they understate the power of small constant efforts and their compounding effect, which Albert Einstein described as the eighth wonder of the world. The compounding impact allows minor positive changes and small investments to grow exponentially into massive positive changes and fortunes with the aid of consistency and time. This book is not about huge changes and quick fixes. On the contrary, this is a book about small daily changes that, if taken seriously, will compound into essential changes and powerful results over time.