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They’re here! But why? Humans unwittingly awaken the seeds of two alien progenitors. One, birthed from a meteorite in Arizona, the other from Earth’s oldest rock in Greenland. Masterful editors of DNA, the emerging progenitors copy genes from their surroundings, ultimately evolving into human form. Driven by an irrepressible urge, the progenitors must find each other to achieve their goal, and they will stop at nothing. Alex, a brash paleontologist, teams up with Ashley, a socially awkward biologist, to study the ancient rocks. The misfit duo are drawn together as they witness an astonishing biological development, and learn of the progenitors’ true mission. But the creator of the universe lurks in shadows with a mission of its own. At once, lighthearted and thoughtful, A New Home For Souls is a whimsical, action-packed tale that challenges our assumptions about the origins of life and the consequences of death.