Author: Catriona King

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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“The characters are very human, with frailties and strengths that make them leap out from the page.” R. Clarke.“All in all an excellent first novel in what will hopefully be a long running series.” H. Roulston “I was looking for new authors when this was recommended to me, I am now hooked.” Wendy NutlandPlease note this is the LATEST EDITION of the first book in the Craig Crime Series.The discovery of a body in a petrol station gives D.C.I. Marc Craig’s murder squad a challenging mystery to solve. Another death in Ireland’s North West looks unrelated, but the forensic evidence is not what it initially appears.Links begin to emerge between the two deaths, and set Craig on a pursuit unlike any he has faced before. Then an attack on someone close gives him a difficult question to answer: Is justice always what it seems?A Limited Justice. The First in The Craig Crime Series.Now complete the The Craig Crime Series:A Limited JusticeThe Grass TattooThe VisitorThe Waiting RoomThe Broken ShoreThe Slowest CutThe Coercion KeyThe Careless WordThe History SuiteThe Sixth EstateThe SectThe KeeperThe Talion CodeThe TribesThe PactThe CabalThe Killing YearThe Running of the DeerThe Property