A Kingdom of Exiles by S. B. Nova

Author: S. B. Nova

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The brightest of stars are always born on the darkest of nights.
Serena Smith is unusual. Growing up in a backwoods village, her life is hard and grim and lonely. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, a shocking tragedy lands her in a cage, condemned to be a sacrifice to the predators that all humans fear. The immortal fae.
Dragged to Aldar, a kingdom ruled by a tyrant witch, she soon discovers a forbidden love and meets fellow outcasts, each with their own secrets. Bound by fate, this pack of warriors, rebels, and witches must work together to escape a cruel master and survive in a realm on the brink of war.
Friendships are forged. Romances are sparked. Both are tested when long-buried truths come out. For nothing is as it seems. Least of all, Serena Smith…
This is the first book in the Outcast Series by the bestselling fantasy author S.B. Nova. This tale features pulse-pounding romance, courtly intrigue, complicated fae, and deliciously wicked-hearted villains. But at its roots, it is a story about a group of soul-bonded friends who fight to save their world from unspeakable evil. This unforgettable read is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo.
This book contains mature language, graphic violence, and intimate scenes. Read at your own discretion.